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Bek Nutter

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Let’s meet Bek Nutter, who is a naturopath, herbalist, sports performance and clinical nutritionist and master breath coach and personal trainer!

“My journey with wellness stemmed from a curiosity in the human body. I wanted to teach people how to be the healthiest version of themselves. It began with my love of running to moving on and coaching people in fitness,” she says. 

“I was under the impression that a ‘fit person’ was a ‘healthy person’,  however, through years in the fitness industry, I discovered that people can be incredibly FIT, but the same people can be far from HEALTHY. 

“What could we do to achieve HEALTH?  I wanted to know more. I began to study Nutritional Medicine, Herbalism & Naturopathy. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with how incredible the human body truly is, it has an innate healing ability, if given the environment to heal and flourish.”

Bek specialises in sports and performance

In fact, Bek works with athletes, gym and sports lovers from all levels and disciplines to maximise their nutrition, recovery, energy, digestion, breath, focus and recovery.

“I fell in love with the breath and how it could be used, not just in one way, but EVERY way.  Optimising the way a person breathes influences every cell within their body; both their physical and their mental wellbeing.  It is literally the foundation of health,” she says.

“With this holistic combination, it has led me to implement naturopathic strategies into sports philosophies to support people not only to perform, but to recover and thrive. To be fit AND healthy.”

What tips do you have for women to promote the natural healing of the body and overall wellbeing

Women underfuelling their bodies (often accidentally) or not allowing their bodies to recover, which actually hinders their goals. These women often come in looking for changes in body composition, have concerns around hormonal changes or they are feeling exhausted. 

What we often unpack is the under appreciation of how much energy it actually takes to fuel a human body, let alone fuel a human body that is moving. Empowering women with knowledge of what their bodies truly need to thrive is game changing.

“Our breath influences every cell of the body”

The other most common health challenge I see on a daily basis is people simply over breathing. Our breath influences every cell of the body, over breathing leads to feelings of anxiety, brain fog, sleep problems, breathlessness in training and digestive complaints. Simply optimising the way someone breathes can change their life. 

Bek says we should listen to our bodies

We should listen to our bodies. Source: Pexels

Listen to your body. Your body has AMAZING wisdom. When you really take the time to check in with your body, it will tell you what it needs.  We often get caught up in the hype of social media or the latest trends on what our body needs through food and movement, but the truth is, what our body really needs, is to simply be listened to and heard. 

When it comes to natural healing of the body, we often try to TELL our body what to do by following protocols or fads and intellectualising what our bodies need, I empower women to work from the BODY UP, instead of the MIND DOWN.  

What are the most common problems you face in your line of work? 

Helping people to UNLEARN old ways of thinking and relearn new patterns. We are so often flooded with different ideas and philosophies around food,movement or breath, that without questioning WHY these are good for us, we become attached to them. 

What is great for one person may not be great for another, just like a fuelling strategy for one type of sport, may not translate into fuelling strategy for a different type sport. It takes time and effort to unlearn and relearn what our body needs right now, and truly checking in with what our body needs TODAY.

I don’t believe in any specific diets or even just one type of food that is good for every person.  I promote a food philosophy. Keep it simple.  If a food comes from nature your body will recognise it and know how to utilise it. 

Man-made food confuses the body, it is not designed to recognise these foods. These foods often lead us away from our health goals. Eat as close to nature (unprocessed) as possible. Keep it really simple.

What’s your favourite quote? 

Whether you think you can, or you think your cant.  You’re right.

What are the most common mistakes or misconceptions people have about your area of expertise? 

Often naturopathy and breath work can be conveyed as being ‘woo woo’, which is actually far from the case. Naturopathy blends traditional wisdom with modern science to create an individualised approach to health and healing. 

When it comes to healing and true health, every system of the body influences another.  The mind is not separate from the body.  I approach healing from an evidence informed and holistic approach to create lasting changes.