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Joanne Wall

We have a wonderful bunch of experts we turn to for advice on the topics we discuss on our Wellness app and website.

Let’s meet Joanne Wall, who is a personal trainer, pilates instructor and barre instructor. 

“I spent my whole childhood active, became a dancer in early adulthood so always had a passion for movement and general health and fitness,” she says.

“I stopped dancing to get a ‘normal job’. I hated working behind a desk and realised I needed to be back an active job that helped others with their health and fitness goals.

“I reached out to my personal trainer as I thought it was a job I would be good at and here I am today.”

Joanne Wall. Source: Supplied

In fact, Joanne says one of the biggest challenges she faces is that these days more people are looking for quick fixes rather being prepared to change their lifestyle. It seems the problem is, people also have less time they spend on themselves these days.

“Find 10 minutes every day to move, stretch and breath,” she says. “Roll down to plank – a few of these each day and you’ve stretch out your spine and strengthened your core.”

What’s more, Joanne says the biggest misconception she faces in her line of work is that most people think pilates is only good for women’s issues.

“Men need pilates too,” she say.

Joanne Wall. Source: Supplied

Joanne’s favourite quote

Health is a daily practice not a 30 day diet.