Mindfulness Yoga & Pilates App for Women

Even modest amounts of exercise can make more make you feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, unwind and improve your mental health.

Movement for Mind

Our physical health is more visible to see and easier to work on. You can lose weight, tone up your muscles and eat well and get direct results from it.

However, our mental health often gets overlooked. But there are things you can do help improve it.

Numerous studies have proven time and time again that physical activity will help improve your mental health. While other studies have shown that mums suffer from stress and anxiety more than ever before, and stress and anxiety can work in mysterious ways in our bodies.

This is why our programs help look after your body as well as your mind at the same time.

When you exercise, chemicals are released in your brain, such as endorphins, which help boost your mood and make you feel happy. 

Even modest amounts of exercise can make more make you feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night and unwind and relax more.

No matter your age or fitness level, our wellness app has a host of exercises, breath work and meditations, from beginners to advanced, dedicated to helping you improve your mood and overall wellbeing.


Meet Clare Marcangelo

Clare Marcangelo, who is a registered nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) and an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.

I specialise in supporting anxious and also Neurodiverse children- reducing anxiety, digestive issues and helping with behavioural and sleep issues.

I would say that everyone will benefit from eating from nature and not from the supermarket as much as possible.


Meet Bek Nutter

Bek Nutter is a naturopath, herbalist, sports performance and clinical nutritionist and master breath coach and personal trainer.

I fell in love with the breath and how it could be used, not just in one way, but EVERY way. Optimising the way a person breathes influences every cell within their body; both their physical and their mental wellbeing. It is literally the foundation of health.

With this holistic combination, it has led me to implement naturopathic strategies into sports philosophies to support people not only to perform, but to recover and thrive. To be fit AND healthy


Meet Joanne Wall

Joanne Wall, who is a personal trainer, Pilates instructor and barre instructor. 

I spent my whole childhood active, became a dancer in early adulthood so always had a passion for movement and general health and fitness.

I stopped dancing to get a ‘normal job’. I hated working behind a desk and realised I needed to be back an active job that helped others with their health and fitness goals.

Find 10 minutes every day to move, stretch and breath. Roll down to plank – a few of these each day and you’ve stretch out your spine and strengthened your core.


Meet Lyn Savage

Lyn Savage is a qualified yoga instructor.

I discovered yoga later in life after a corporate career in the marketing sector.

Teaching Yoga and introducing people to the benefits of this powerful practice is what brings me joy. I have a strong intuition that I have discovered my true purpose in life.

I specialise in teaching students to connect to self, to focus on breath as they move and learning to feel their bodies. Training them to let go of the past, to stop worrying about the future and instead learning to truly be in the present moment.

Preview: Breathwork with Bek Nutter

10 Reasons to do Breathwork

Improves mental resilience, helping you to 'do' stress better

Improves your exercise Capacity by making you less breathless in exercise and more efficient

Slow Breathing naturally lifts Melatonin, helping you to sleep better

Decreases your heart rate and improves blood flow

Helps you to think with more clarity

Improves circulation by improving blood flow to all parts of the body

Creates feelings of relaxation, making you feel good!

Can Reduce Snoring, allowing EVERYBODY to sleep better.

Acts like an 'in the moment' circuit breaker to find calm and to make better decisions

Allows you to get out of your head and connect with your body.

Practical Wellbeing to support your wellness

The Healthy Mummy Wellness app is made for busy mums and our mission is to make your wellbeing our number 1 priority.

Our expert wellness programs will be EASY to integrate into your daily

life and will aim to reduce your stress & anxiety and increase your


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