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Over 88% of mums believe looking after their mental health and wellness is too time-consuming!

Mums are busy, stressed, anxious and lacking motivation. But when it comes to looking after their own mental health and wellness, it seems the majority of women believe they don’t have the time or the money to take care of themselves, a study we conducted revealed.

Nearly 4,000 mums took part in The Healthy Mummy’s Big Wellness Survey 2022 and there were some quite surprising stats!

Here’s what else we found out…

Results of The Healthy Mummy’s Big Wellness Survey 2022

When it comes to suffering from stress, 70% of mums say they have suffered stress quite regularly and quite often.

In fact, 80% women admitted to suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. 11% hadn’t and 9% knew a family of friend to suffer from it.

It seems the main drives of stress are: 27% life overload, 22% finances, 15% family, 13% health and 12% work.

Areas women said needed help with:

  • Coping with stress – 16%
  • Anxiety – 14%
  • Low self-esteem – 14%
  • Low motivation – 14%
  • Sleep deprivation – 13%
  • Toxic thinking – 9%
  • Depression 8%
  • Kids – 4%
  • Menopause – 3%

What’s more, only 66% of those who were feeling depressed or anxious said they reached out to a professional when they were feeling down.

27% managed to feel better with the support from family and friends, 25% went to counselling, 20% took medication and 28% were able to manage it with exercise.

The reason so many women are struggling to looking after their mental health and wellbeing?

The overall consensus seems to be, that looking after your mental health and wellbeing takes up a lot of time – with 57% admitted to struggling to find the time to look after their own wellbeing.

The majority of women thought looking after own wellbeing would be too costly (86%) and 88% admitted they felt looking after their own wellness as too time consuming.

Thankfully, this is why we have created The Healthy Mummy’s Wellness app, to help women who feel they don’t have the time or the energy to help take care of themselves. Let us do that for you!

Our cost-effective app focuses on the mental well-being of mums and her family- with a big emphasis on kids’ well-being – and the number one consideration for us has been to product PRACTICAL WELL-BEING for busy mums and her family.

As part of our BIG survey, women say they are looking for programs to help them mentally feel stronger, help with anxiety, sleep better as well as help deal with menopause and the stress of having kids.

They asked, and we delivered. You can find all of this and MORE on The Healthy Mummy Wellness App.

Learn to look after your mental health with The Healthy Mummy Wellness App

Healthy Mummy Wellness app is built to support mums’ mental, physical and social wellbeing. We have expert advice to help mums makeover their minds, transform their mood, manage their hormones, sleep better and engage with their family. You can listen to podcasts, read blogs, work out with our trainers and find healthy, family-friendly recipes from the palm of your hand.

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